18 gauge black jack chain. Hooks Clips, Chains and Wire – Anything in Stained Glass


18 gauge black jack chain. Hooks Clips, Chains and Wire – Anything in Stained Glass

We now offer our two most popular sizes of jack chain, 18 gauge and 16 gauge, in black. This chain is ideal for hanging any stained glass panel on which you have. Jack chain is a strong, 16 gauge chain that is used to hang panels and sun catchers. Medium Black Jack Chain 3/8″ Link (18 gauge)10′ Length. Details. BL $ Medium Brass Jack Chain. Medium Brass Jack Chain 3/8″ Link 50′ Length. Details. B $ Medium Brass Jack Chain. Medium Brass Jack Chain 3/8″ Link (18 gauge)10′ Length. Details. B $ Medium Copper Jack Chain. Medium Copper Jack Chain .

Black Jack Chain – 50 Ft. Roll

The first image shows what happened when Kayleigh layered dichroic glass, coating to coating. Here are a few tips for better packaging-it might just buy you your next customer. The second image is of a piece Kayleigh loved so much she impatiently removed it from the kiln when it was still too hot havent we all done this. She was playing around with different colors and textures of glass and learning the hard way that there are limits to what you can do and cant do in fusing. Show your customers what theyll get.

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Hooks Clips, Chains and Wire

Kerry Collett Apr 28, How and when did you get started in glass art? I saw an article about Kristin Frantzen-Orr along with a step by step example of how to do one of her famous floral beads. I talked about it so much my husband bought me a beginning torch set for the following Christmas. Once I got the kiln and the duel fuel torch, I just kept experimenting and growing from there.

Kristin is still my idol and I keep telling myself that one day I will do nice, clean floral beads like hers. Your jewelry, vases, plates etc. I especially love the geologic nature of your Copper Reactive dish, its so unique. Can you tell us a little about how you achieved that look? The base glass is Bullseye Steel Blue Opal and it reacts all on its own.

I used clear stringers and broke up chunks blog The Importance of Packaging Apr 29, We tell ourselves not to judge a book by its cover, but the simple truth is, we are attracted to whats attractive. On a recent hunt for a birthday present for my mother, I came across several beautiful handbags in several different boutiques. What ultimately influenced my final purchase decision was the complimentary gift-wrapping offered by one of the storeowners.

The handbag itself wasnt any prettier or better quality than the others I was considering, but the packaging was beautiful. Brightly colored tissue, a big sturdy box, quality wrapping paper and an oversized hand-tied bow.

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List of vaudeville performers: L—Z This is a partial list of vaudeville performers. Inclusion on this list indicates that the subject appeared at least once on the American vaudeville stage during its heyday between and The source in the citation included with each entry confirms their appearance and cites information in the performance notes section.

Vaudeville sometimes abbreviated as vaude was the name used in North America and Australasia for a style of variety entertainment predominant in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The same type of entertainment was known as Music Hall in Britain. Developing from many sources, including shows in saloons , minstrelsy , freak shows , dime museums , British pantomimes , and other popular forms of entertainment, vaudeville became one of the most popular types of entertainment in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Vaudeville took the form of a series of separate, unrelated acts each featuring a different types of performance. These performances could ranges from musicians both classical and popular , dancers , comedians, animal acts, magicians , female and male impersonators , to acrobats , one-act plays or scenes from plays, athletes , lecturing celebrities, minstrels, or even short films. While the initial origins of vaudeville are obscure, historians acknowledge that the opening of Tony Pastor ‘s Fourteenth Street Theatre in New York City on October 24, , marks the beginning of American vaudeville.

Pastor had refined the rough variety acts into something wholesome enough for women and children. Other theatre owners quickly picked up on Pastor’s new style of vaudeville and theatres began springing up like weeds and would continue in a quick pace until the s. In Australasia vaudeville companies such as Fuller’s became household names, eventually operating in several Australian and New Zealand cities at once.

These heights included an industrialization of the business of vaudeville. Following this climax, vaudeville began to struggle with competition from film and in the following decade, radio.

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